This week our Irish Whiskey News features articles on a new home bar that can make Irish whiskey and Bushmills Distillery are planning new distillery facilities.

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Irish Whiskey News - April 11 - 2019 - smart spirits

This new home bar lets you make ‘Irish whiskey’ in your kitchen

The dispenser, which is being rolled out in the UK, USA and EU throughout 2019, makes over 30 different drinks across all major spirits categories with its unique ‘Taste Of’ capsules. The capsules come in a range of flavours that mimic the taste of alcoholic drinks, including “Tennessee Bourbon”, “Black Sambuca” and “Irish Whiskey”. These capsules are meant to be inserted into the device, much like a coffee machine, before being mixed with a neutral grain spirit also sold by the tech company, or water, or a mix of the two, allowing consumers to control the ABV of their end product.

According to Smart Spirits’ website, almost all spirits have the same basic recipe: “alcohol, water and flavour. There is any number of new brands vying to achieve ‘premium’ status, even when they lack the necessary gravitas and kudos, so the confused consumer often selects the most advertised brands by default.” A great deal of time, labour and, more importantly, resources go into developing aged spirits such as whisky and rum, leading many spirits companies to launch sustainability initiatives to counteract the effects of their beverage products on the environment.

Irish Whiskey News - April 11 - 2019 - bushmills

Further development at Bushmills Distillery due for planning sign off

Expansion at the award-winning Bushmills Distillery is expected to receive planning approval next week. The proposals for a new distillery facility, which includes a boiler house, cooling equipment and barrel store, is recommended to receive planning permission at the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council’s planning committee meeting on April 17.

The application site consists of an area of flat vacant land behind the existing main distillery and is not open to the public. The new building, which is to be split up into multiple elements, is set to be 16m at its highest point. In the council planning report, published ahead of next week’s meeting, the proposed development is considered “appropriate use of the land and is acceptable in terms of its layout and appearance”. Both applications are recommended for planning approval. The latest plans come less than a year after Bushmills was granted planning permission for 29 new maturation warehouses at the Distillery Road site.

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