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Irish Whiskey News - Jan 30 - 2020 - Teeling Profits

Great Northern Distillery toasts 36% rise in profits

Newly filed accounts for the company show that revenue hit €19.2m in the 12 months to the end of last April, compared with €13.6m the previous year. The distillery, which is located on the site of the former Harp brewery in Dundalk, Co Louth, operates stills that produce a range of whiskey spirits. It also operates a small-scale gin still. The Harp brewery site was closed and sold by Diageo in 2013. Speaking to the Irish Independent, Mr Teeling said that the growth in revenue was due to the coming on stream of three-year-old whiskey that had been matured by the firm.

“Revenue probably won’t increase by that much this year, maybe by about 10%,” he added. Great Northern Distillery sells its whiskey in bulk to other firms that own private-label brands. It is making the equivalent of about 700,000 bottles of whiskey a week, with 50% to 60% of it being sold immediately, said Mr Teeling. It employs more than 30 people at the Co Louth site. The accounts for Great Northern Distillery, which is owned by Mr Teeling, his sons and managers who were the founders and former management team at Cooley Distillery, show that the business had accumulated profits of €15.1m at the end of last April. Mr Teeling sold the Cooley Distillery in Co Louth in 2011 to US firm Beam for €71m.

Irish Whiskey News - Jan 30 - 2020 - Peaky Blinders Distillery

Halewood International plans to open an Irish whiskey distillery

A United Kingdom-based spirits company, Halewood International, plan to develop an Irish whiskey distillery to distill Peaky Blinder Irish whiskey. In 2017 when Halewood bought Sadler’s that they also registered the company name “Peaky Blinder”, as an official trademark in the beer and spirits category. The Brewery has now produced a range of Peaky Blinders spirits, which includes Irish whiskey, gin, rum. Previously its Irish whiskey was made by West Cork Distillers, based in Skibbereen, County Cork. Halewood did have a stake in West Cork Distillers but the Irish company bought out their stake for €18m.

Sadler’s Brewery has now closed and the company plans to transfer some of its equipment to a site it plans to acquire in Ireland. This equipment would then be used to produce Peaky Blinders Irish whiskey. Halewood said in a statement: “Due to the very successful growth of Sadler’s Peaky Blinder Irish whiskey, we plan to accelerate a project to distil our own Irish whiskey. As a result, we are considering a proposal to move production equipment currently sited at the Sadler’s brewery at Lye in the West Midlands, to a facility in the Republic of Ireland, where we would distill whiskey.


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