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Irish Whiskey News -January 24 - 2018 - Whiskey Sales

Whiskey sales still strong in the US as alcohol consumption declines

Sales of Irish whiskey in the United States remained buoyant last year even as alcohol consumption continued to decline, new figures show. Irish whiskey sales rose 13.5 per cent to 4.65 million cases, down from 16.3 per cent a year earlier but still strong considering the overall trend towards lower consumption. According to preliminary data from International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR), Irish whiskey was the second fastest growing brown spirit last year after Japanese whiskey, which recorded a 23.1 per cent increase in sales 2018, although from a low base.

Overall, Irish brands command 6 per cent of the total US whiskey market while Japanese whiskey represents just 0.1 per cent of the segment. Irish whiskey has continued to record double-digit growth in its biggest market despite alcohol consumption declining for the third consecutive year. Nonetheless, there will be concern that growth is slowing in the US, has hit 19 per cent in 2015 when sales of 3 million cases were surpassed.

Irish Whiskey News -January 24 - 2018 - Whiskey Burn

New Irish whiskey distilleries featured in a travel book

Birdsall takes us on a 3-week camping tour around the island of Ireland to visit the established, newly established and yet-to-be-established distilleries.

Travelling on his trusty, 1979, classic Vespa 50, touring the whiskey distilleries, painting, sketching, sampling the produce back at the campsites, this already established travel writer opens the doors to a new generation of Irish whiskey distilleries. It is a travelogue, a pictorial record, a guide to the new faces and new landscapes of distilling in Ireland, and an amusing, engaging read that no enthusiast’s bookshelf should be without.

“Delightful and enjoyable read. If you want to know about the renaissance in Irish distilling this is the book” – John Teeling

“This is a book well worth having” – Séamus Ó Drisceoil, Cape Clear Distillery

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