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Irish Whiskey News - Mar 19 - 2020 - Irish Distillers

Irish Distillers to provide large-scale quantities of alcohol gel

The producer of the Jameson and Powers whiskey labels is to provide healthcare authorities with large-scale quantities of alcohol gel to cope with unprecedented demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. Alcohol gel plays a vital part in the frontline efforts of those who are fighting to contain the Covid-19 virus, and in particular for healthcare professionals working in hospital and other healthcare settings. Irish Distillers said its distillery in Midleton, together with its partners Mervue Laboratories in Cork, have the necessary products and supply chain available to manufacture large-scale quantities of alcohol gel.

The company held meetings with the Department of Health and the Health Service Executive (HSE) earlier this week to inform them it was in a position to help meet demand. “The demand for alcohol gel is at unprecedentedly high levels and is set to remain so for the foreseeable period,” it said. “Large-scale quantities of alcohol is being made available free of charge by Irish Distillers.

“Production will commence immediately with end product being delivered to the HSE’s supply centre thereafter for distribution to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. “Irish Distillers will continue to collaborate with the health authorities so as to ensure our efforts are channelled to greatest effect. We are committed to maintaining supply to the maximum levels possible for as long as possible. “Like so many, Irish Distillers is doing what we can at a time of great national crisis. We hope that in doing so, it helps our healthcare professionals in their efforts to protect all of us from the spread of the virus.”

Irish Whiskey News - Mar 19 - 2020 - Dubliner WhiskeyThe Dubliner gets new look to tap into Irish whiskey growth

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey is unveiling a new look to tap into a potential £8.2 million opportunity for Irish whiskey, according to majority owner Quintessential Brands. The brand owner hopes the relaunch will help attract new Gen Z and millennial customers into the category. The new look bottle, which will launch in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide this month, eschews traditional packaging in favour of a bold, contemporary design that “puts the focus squarely on the brand’s provenance”.

The brand’s name is also featured in large bold text across the front of the bottle, highlighting the pride the brand has in being the Irish whiskey brand to bear the name of its home city of Dublin, the company said. Russell Kirkham, marketing director for Quintessential Brands UK, said: “Irish Whiskey is one of the most dynamic categories in the UK currently, enjoying significant growth in the last year especially, but we believe there’s a great deal more growth yet to be unlocked by appealing to Gen Z and millennial consumers with The Dubliner’s distinct Bourbon Cask finish – especially those who have bought into American whiskey in recent years.

“The Dubliner offers outstanding quality and with its eye-catching new look, the Dubliner is the complete package and really stands out on shelf. We are excited to see how the new look is received by UK shoppers and while this year won’t be your usual St Patrick’s Day, we do hope they will join us in raising a glass to Ireland. Here’s hoping we are all back celebrating together next year.” The Dubliner Bourbon Cask will be on promotion in Sainsbury’s for £20, down from £30, from March 4 to March 24. This will be supported by in-store and online media. The new Dubliner Irish Whiskey bottle will roll out later this year to customers in all channels in the UK.


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