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Irish Whiskey News - March 14 - 2019 - Redbreast 21

Irish Pot Still Laws ‘Too Restrictive’

The rules on how to make pot still Irish whiskey should be changed because they are too tightly drawn and have no historical precedent, according to Blackwater distillery CEO Peter Mulryan. The technical file, which legally outlines the production process and was accepted by the EU in 2014, dictates that pot still Irish whiskey should contain at least 30% each of malted and unmalted barley, plus up to 5% of other cereals, such as oats and rye.

But Mulryan said he had been unable to find any historical mash bill in Ireland that complied with the rules, with distillers in the early 20th century incorporating up to 20% of other grains alongside malted and unmalted barley. He claimed the definition was pushed through by the industry’s dominant player, Jameson owner Irish Distillers, to protect its single pot still whiskeys, including Redbreast and Green Spot, and to prevent future pot still Irish whiskeys from deviating too far from their recipes.


Irish Whiskey News - March 14 - 2019 - Michael Carr

Meet the Brand Ambassador for Powers Whiskey – Micheal Carr

Ever wondered what it’s like to share your love and knowledge of Irish whiskey for a living? Michael Carr, Brand Ambassador for Powers Irish Whiskey, tells us everything we want to know. The owner of the first bar where I worked had a strong interest in the story of whiskey and he passed it on to me. Over the years I started reading and visiting all the Irish distilleries I could find.

When Dublin Airport was opening the Irish Whiskey Collection in Terminal 2 in 2010 I was approached to join their team. There I got to see first-hand the renaissance of our national spirit. From there I joined the Irish Distillers brand development team focusing on promoting all our brands. At this stage, the history and quality of Powers had captured my attention.



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