This week our Irish Whiskey News features articles on Chapel Gate launching tequila cask finished whiskey and The Shed Distillery reports profits of €1.78 million.

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Irish Whiskey News - May 2 - 2019 - JJ Corry Whiskey

Chapel Gate launches ‘first’ Tequila cask-finished Irish whiskey

To make JJ Corry the Battalion, the Irish bonder decanted grain spirit that had aged in ex-Bourbon casks into mezcal and Tequila casks, and single malt from Bourbon barrels into mezcal casks. After maturing for seven months, a blend of grain spirit matured in Tequila and mezcal casks was combined with the mezcal-influenced malt. The finished spirit is made with 60% nine-year-old grain and 40% 13-year-old single malt.

The Battalion is said to have green herbal notes and the “slightest touch of agave” flavours. Louise McGuane, the founder of Chapel Gate, said: “As modern bonders we do exactly as JJ Corry would have done, use the casks at his disposal to impart unique flavours in his blends. JJ had access to rum, Bordeaux and Sherry casks; we are lucky enough to be able to look as far afield as Mexico and beyond for flavours that work with.


Irish Whiskey News - May 2 - 2019 - Shed Distillery

 Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin owner reports a profit of €1.78m

The maker of Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin has reported profits of €1.78 million for 2018. “This is a long-term business and one that is very demanding on cash so every bit of money we make is going back into the distillery. We need to be making this kind of return at the very minimum to grow the business into a global brand,” distillery owner Pat Rigney said.

The company recently installed a new still and built a bottling facility at its Leitrim distillery, and is working on a new €2 million visitor experience centre that is due to open early next year. In addition, it is continuing to lay down whiskey stocks ahead of the launch of its first brand in early 2019. The Shed Distillery intends to produce about 25,000 litres of whiskey a year initially, with the first batch of stock having been laid down in December 2014.

Its flagship product, however, is Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin, which reached a major milestone in 2018, selling more than 100,000 cases and boosting turnover to more than €7 million. The drinks maker more than doubled its 2017 exports of the gin last year and sold over €4.5 million worth of product across 30 international markets including the UK, US, Russia, Australia, Israel, India, South Africa and Iraq. 

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