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Irish Whiskey Weekly News - August 14- 2018 - Bord Bia

Drinks agency Bord Bia raises a glass to the whiskey and gin boom

Sales of Irish whiskey increased by 11 per cent to 9.3 million nine-litre cases last year, making it the fastest growing spirit globally. Since 2013 sales have grown by 39 per cent, helping Irish whiskey to double its global share to 6 per cent. While Ireland’s share of the global market remains much smaller than that of Scotch whisky, which accounted for 43 per cent of total sales last year, Scotland has recorded slower growth in recent years.

Over the five-year period, Scotch sales have fallen by 4.5 per cent and its market share has fallen from 50 per cent. In 2008, half of all whisky sales came from Scotland. It is expected that worldwide Irish whiskey sales will reach 10.2 million cases by early next year, as opposed to the end of 2021 as was envisaged years ago.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - August 14- 2018 - Jameson

Jameson at number 5 in best selling whiskeys in USA

Americans sure love their whiskey. In the past year, U.S. whiskey sales have jumped 4 per cent. Yet, a big part of the growth belongs to higher-end brands. This includes whiskies such as Bulleit bourbon, Woodford Reserve bourbon, Wild Turkey bourbon and Jameson Irish Whiskey. These four all posted double-digit sales growth in the past year.

Many of the top whiskey brands are no longer independent distillers, but rather part of larger entities. Take Bulleit, for example. Bulleit is owned by London-based Diageo Plc. Diageo owns other popular brands such as Captain Morgan rum and Johnnie Walker Scotch.

And then there’s Louisville-based Brown-Forman Corp., which owns not only Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey but also Canadian Mist and Woodford Reserve. The larger spirits companies are investing money into marketing efforts that are helping to drive increased sales of their brands.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - August 14- 2018 - Famous OWners

Celebrities Who Own Their Own Wine And Liquor Brands

Celebrity product endorsements are a longtime tradition and quite lucrative for everyone involved. But in recent years, many stars have wanted to do more than just offer a sip and a smile in an advertisement, especially when alcohol is involved.

As a result, celebrities are shaking things up and getting involved in the booze business. And it’s proving to be a perfect pairing for superstars and fans alike. The brands have a built-in boost, and it gives the rest of us a taste of the A-list lifestyle. Check out the stars who are stomping grapes and handcrafting spirits that are worth a sip.



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