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Irish Whiskey News – February 14 – 2018

This week our Irish Whiskey News features articles on the Women in Whiskey event at Cafe En Seine and how women in the United States are getting a taste for single malt.


So let’s see what’s been happening this week in our Irish whiskey news.

Irish Whiskey News - February 14 - 2018 - Women in Whiskey Cafe En Seine

Café en Seine Presents: Women in Whiskey

If you think whiskey is a man’s drink, well that’s just old fashioned! Welcome to the new wave of female distillers, bonders and blenders putting a spotlight on worldwide whiskey brands from right here in Ireland. They invite you to join them in their brand new and stunning renovated premises on Dawson Street on Wednesday, March 6th for a very special evening that is guaranteed to thrill that whiskey fan in your life.

Not just for women (although they’re putting them in the spotlight), they’re lifting the lid on what it’s like to work in a niche industry and have invited three leading women in the whiskey business along for a chat. Louise McGuane, founder of J.J. Corry Irish Whiskey in Co.Clare, Katherine Condon, micro distiller and brand ambassador at Midleton Whiskey and Lora Hemy, head distiller of Roe & Co Whiskey. Joining them is one or finest bartenders and flavour scientists Ivanna Maresic, who makes a mean cocktail and who’s mixology will be showcased on the night. Guests will then be invited to sample a whiskey brought by each panellist, alongside food paired by Café en Seine’s head chef Stephen Gibson. To top it off, they invite you to enjoy a second delicious, bespoke cocktail created by Ivanna – the perfect end to a fun-filled evening.

Irish Whiskey News - February 14 - 2018 - Women in Whiskey

Whiskey giant Pernod Ricard winning over women as sales soar

The world’s second largest drinks company has distilled a new market for its whiskeys: women. Chivas and Glenlivet maker Pernod Ricard said half the drinkers of its new single-malt Scotch are American women after it made the taste “more approachable,” dropped the price and simplified the packaging.

It released new data Tuesday showing 50% of U.S. sales of the brand came from women — demographic progress that could give it the edge in a fast-growing market. Figures from the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. trade association show sales in Bourbon, Tennessee whiskey and rye jumped 8% to $3.1 billion in 2016, while Irish whiskey sales rose nearly 19%. Consumption of alcohol by women has been steadily rising since the 1950s, but whiskey sales historically have been dominated by men.

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Irish Whiskey Weekly News – September 4 – 2018

This week our Irish Whiskey Weekly News features articles on Teelings New Pot Still Whiskey being auctioned, Public Health bill is causing concern and Wild Geese Founder Andre Levy is fighting Pernod Ricard again. 

So let’s see what’s been happening this week in our Irish whiskey weekly news.



Irish Whiskey Weekly News - September 4 - 2018 - TEELING

Teeling Single Pot Still could make €10,000 in an online auction

The Teeling Celebratory Single Pot Still, the first whisky to run from a Dublin still and into a bottle in nearly five decades, has had a journey worthy of its name. The recipe is a combination of 50% malted, and 50% un-malted barley, a uniquely Irish mash bill made famous by the Dublin distillers who’s footsteps the Teeling Distillery now lovingly follow in. It was distilled in 2015 and aged fully for three years in a high-quality ex-Muscat barrel.

Now, the dream has been realised, and Whisky Auctioneer is delighted to bring to market the first Dublin distillate for close to half a century, the Teeling Celebratory Single Pot Still. Teeling has been far from quiet in the intervening period since their 2012 inception. The company is already leading the next generation of producers and has won over 175 international awards for the quality of the whiskey it has bottled, which is now exported to over 60 different markets. This auction represents a revival for Dublin in more ways than one, with all of the Teeling Distillery’s profits from the sale of these bottles being donated to local charitable causes in its surrounding Liberties area.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - September 4 - 2018 - PUBLIC HEALTH BILL

Whiskey-makers critical of ‘ludicrous’ ad limits

Whiskey manufacturers have claimed new restrictions on alcohol advertising will severely impact the tourism offering of distillery visitor centres. According to the IWA there are 13 whiskey distillery visitor centres across the country, with plans for an additional 13 centres to open in the coming years. Last year, there were 814,000 visitors to the centres, an 11% increase on the previous year.

The association wants “last minute” changes to the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill as the legislation, currently proposed would see free-standing directional or way-marking signage containing the name of a distillery or alcohol brand banned from display at any bus or Luas stop, or within 200m of any boundary of a school or early-years’ facility.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - September 4 - 2018 - ANDRE LEVY

Wild Geese – André Levy believes that the Irish whiskey category needs to be diversified

Earlier today, 29 August, Pernod announced that Irish Distillers’ Jameson has risen 14% in terms of sales over the past year, and according to Levy this is ‘deteriorating’ the number of independent producers of Irish whiskey.“While the continued growth in the sector and rising global demand is to be welcomed, the fact remains that there continue to be serious questions surrounding the market structure of the sector that urgently needs to be answered,” said Levy.

“Focus should be drawn to the fact that Irish Distillers, whose primary whiskey product is Jameson, has recently repatriated over €2.8bn of its capital to its French parent, Pernod Ricard. This staggering sum clearly demonstrates the dominance of this single market player within the sector and reinforces the call for opening the market to allow for increased competition. It is clear that this market is booming to the advantage of a small number of market players, and one in particular, and to the detriment of independent players. There needs to be much greater transparency surrounding Pernod Ricard and its dominance of the category.”



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Irish Whiskey Weekly News – July 10 – 2018

This week our Irish Whiskey Weekly News features articles on a turning a negative into whiskey positive, Walsh Whiskey head to the Caribbean and what happens if you bring Pernod Ricard to court over your whiskey supply

So let’s see what’s been happening this week in our Irish whiskey weekly news.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - Marty

Turning whiskey into gold.

When Michelin man Marty McAuley’s career was on the rocks he took a shot at a new career that warmed his heart… hosting tours – and more – to celebrate Ulster’s historic links to whiskey. The 43-year-old Ballymena man was one of over 850 employees made redundant after the local tyre factory closed last month.

Marty adopted a glass half full attitude, saying he had never been unemployed in his life and was not about to start. So, in a neat move, he embarked on a career in whiskey to ensure locals and visitors get to appreciate the whiskey of Ulster and beyond. He explained: “I always had an interest in whiskey and obviously the interest developed because I enjoy a wee tipple myself. “The first thing I thought of when the Michelin factory closure was announced was tourism, and I discovered that Irish whiskey is the fastest-growing drinks market in the world and that the Irish Whiskey Association wanted to increase tourism.

He set up his website, which is jam-packed with quirky stories and must-read reviews about popular and obscure brands. Marty also does bespoke whiskey tours, and visitors have travelled from as far away as Japan.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - The Irishman

Whiskey Distillery Releases ‘The Irishman Founder’s Reserve – Caribbean Cask Finish’ whiskey distilleries will close in next

Walsh Whiskey Distillery has released the second expression in The Irishman Founder’s Reserve Cask Series, a limited edition finished in rum casks from the tiny tropical Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. The Irishman Founder’s Reserve – Caribbean Cask Finish, a super-premium whiskey, is a rare vatting of Single Pot Still and Single Malt whiskeys finished for 6 months in Chairman’s Reserve Rum casks.

In recent years, as part of his research into new cask finishes for his portfolio of whiskeys, Walsh Whiskey founder, Bernard Walsh, has sourced casks from a range of countries including Spain, France, China, Kentucky and Italy. This limited edition, of just 12 casks, began in 2014 when he made the trip to the island of Saint Lucia in the West Indies in search of rare casks to give a special expression to his original whiskey.

The Irishman Founder’s Reserve is distilled entirely in copper pot stills and Bernard’s journey took him to visit the famous St. Lucia Distillers (established 1932) where they also use copper pot stills to distil their rum. While there, Bernard handpicked 12 oak casks and he chose to age them in St. Lucia Distillers’ iconic Chairman’s Reserve Rum for a minimum of 2 years from 2015. The casks were subsequently brought to Ireland in the autumn of 2017 and used to finish a batch of The Irishman Founder’s Reserve for 6 months.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - Wild Geese

Wild Geese are taking Pernod Ricard to the High court

THE COMPANIES BEHIND The Wild Geese Irish whiskey has taken Irish Distillers to court for allegedly causing, and continuing to cause, “serious damage” to its brand. Avalon – who have the exclusive licence for the brand – and Protégé International Group -the exclusive sales agent in the EU – allege that Irish Distillers has “abused its dominant position” in the Irish whiskey market by refusing to supply it while supplying other whiskey brands.

Irish Distillers – whose brands include Jameson, Powers and Midleton – is contesting the claim, however, and said that it previously offered to supply its smaller rival but couldn’t agree on terms. Its large-scale production facility in Midleton in Cork produces a number of Irish whiskeys, and in a statement, the company said it actively supports other Irish whiskeys.  Avalon and Protégé are seeking a High Court order that would require Irish Distillers to supply Irish whiskey to them, as has been requested by Protégé consistently since 2001. The pair is also seeking damages against the whiskey giant.



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