This week our Irish Whiskey News features articles on Whitetail crowdfunding their new distillery and Roe & Co boss says Irish luxury whiskey underdeveloped.

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Irish Whiskey News -January 10 - 2018 - whitetail

Irish Distillery uses Crowdfunding to finance Distillery

After the resounding success of Whiskey Live in Dublin last year, Irish Whitetail Distillery, the newest addition to the growing Irish Whiskey market, is launching their crowdfunding campaign to meet the new market demand.

The company, founded by husband and wife team of Nickolas and Violetta Boyle is looking to raise over €75,000 to help the business meet the new demand and establish a distillery within the Cooley Peninsula. The campaign, launching on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, will start on January 14th and run for 45 days.

The couple has been looking throughout the Carlingford Peninsula to find a suitable location near their home in Omeath to establish their operation. “When we moved here shortly after our daughter was born, we just fell in love with its beauty and the people. The area offers the perfect balance of seclusion and tourism for our operation to thrive. We love it here and want to make our future here,” said Nickolas. “We have received a huge amount of support since coming here, we have been blown away by how amazing this community has been to us.”

As part of the campaign, the company is offering individuals the chance to be first in line for products through their voucher and Founders Club programmes. Individuals can also choose branded merchandise options or party packages to take part in growing this new and exciting whiskey brand.

Irish Whiskey News -January 10 - 2018 - roe and co

The boss of Diageo’s local whiskey says Ireland’s luxury range is ‘underdeveloped’

Although Ireland is awash with whiskey, one of the biggest alcohol producers in the country thinks the market’s ‘super premium’ and ‘luxury’ categories are “underdeveloped”.

Sitting ahead of value, premium and high-end premium – terms used by the Distilled Spirits Council of the US (Discus) to define whiskey categories – super premium and luxury are tags used to describe whiskey typically costing $50 or more per bottle.

New drinks such as Teeling Single Malt and Teeling Single Grain would fall into the super-premium category, as would Jameson’s Caskmates range. According to figures released by Discus, sales of super-premium Irish whiskey blends are flying.

This appetite for super premium whiskey has driven Diageo back into the market, according to Roe & Co global brand director Grainne Wafer.

“The Irish whiskey category is really dynamic, but the super premium and luxury segment of Irish whiskey globally is underdeveloped. We think there is a strong opportunity to drive the growth of premium Irish whiskey. That’s where Roe & Co sit,” she told Fora.

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