This week our Irish Whiskey News features articles on a new spirit resurrected from a medieval text after 700 years and The Quietman Distillery in Co. Derry is not going ahead as planned.

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Irish Whiskey News - Nov 14 - 2019 - Aqua Vitae

Original Uisce Beatha recipe to be released after 695 years

Aqua Vitae, a new spirit based on the first written record of a grain distillate in Ireland, will be launching later this month. After painstaking research, Chris Hennessy and Jarrod Cuffe have recreated Aqua Vitae using the original recipe created by Richard Du Ledrede, the Bishop of Ossory, in Kilkenny circa 1324.

First intended as an internal and topical cure all, Aqua Vitae is the original uisce beatha and the precursor to whiskey as we know it today. Its rich use of botanicals also makes it an ancestor of bitters. Aqua Vitae, launched under the name from the original Latin recipe, will be available in 500ml.

Instead of using standard botanicals the creators have opted for only organic ones, staying true to the original 14th Century recipe. Using a pot still spirit of 50% barley and 50% malted barley, they have recreated history in a glass.

Irish Whiskey News - Nov 14 - 2019 - Quietman Distillery

Quiet Man distillery plans ‘on hold for now’

One of many distilleries to be built in Ireland has been put on hold by the brand’s maker, Niche Drinks. They received approval to build the £12 million (US$15.4m) distillery in 2017. The move was praised at the time by the Irish Whiskey Association as “further evidence that the renaissance of Irish whiskeys is occurring throughout the island of Ireland”.

In November last year, it was reported that plans to build The Quiet Man Distillery had been scrapped. Speaking to The Spirits Business, Luxco CEO Donn Lux said “The Quiet Man brand just wasn’t big enough” to justify building the distillery. He added: “We would still like to do it at some point, but not right now. The brand is doing well, but it’s small. It was more of a tourism project the more we looked at it.”

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