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Irish Whiskey News - February 7 - 2018 - blends

This Is A Golden Age for Irish Whiskey Blends

Irish whiskey lovers are luckier than ever. More blended Irish whiskeys have appeared in the last five years than in the previous 50. The transformation of blended Irish whiskey from a lifeline thrown by the few surviving distillers of Ireland to the life force driving forward one of the most thrilling whiskey-making nations is a truly remarkable feat. Irish pot still whiskey and Irish single malts deserve the love of aficionados, but for Ireland, the blend is saviour, champion, protector, hero, and guardian angel.

Unlike their Scottish counterparts, Irish blenders often work with whiskeys made under their own roof, which originated out of necessity given the dearth of Irish distillers throughout the 20th century. Furthermore, Irish blends can be made from any combination of the three distinct styles of whiskey produced in Ireland. This differs profoundly from blending in Scotland, where blenders combine just two styles, but many often use 30 or 40 single malts from different distilleries and over half a dozen grain whiskies to create their blends.

Irish Whiskey News - February 7 - 2018 - Jameson

Jameson toasts barrels of growth with 2018 sales figures

Sales of Jameson whiskey passed the four million cases mark in the six months to 31 December. The drink reported value growth of 8pc, and volume growth of 6pc during the period, according to interim results from Irish Distillers. Standout regions for the company included Sub-Saharan Africa, which saw 40pc growth (excluding South Africa), and Asia, where Jameson enjoyed 50pc growth in India.

Conor McQuaid, chairman and CEO of Irish Distillers, said: “Jameson continues to thrive and is now in double- or triple-digit growth in more than 70 markets across the world.” “Consumers are appreciating the full Jameson family, particularly our super-premium range, as seen by the growth of Jameson Black Barrel, up 26pc.”

The group also benefitted from the performance of single pot whiskey, with Redbreast experiencing value growth of 20pc.
Since 2011 Irish Distillers has released over 10 new single pot still Irish whiskeys, adding that the feedback from whiskey drinkers has been “phenomenal.”

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